Monday, February 14, 2005

Going to the Dogs!

My husband and I have six happy dogs, all rescues from different situations. Dogs take a lot of work and attention, but the rewards we receive from such attentive furry friends is nothing short of amazing. Well worth the effort. No matter what kind of day we are facing, the dogs can keep our frayed thoughts from wandering too far astray. My dogs can keep me focussed on the beautiful simplicity in my life.

I simply do not understand folks who tie their dogs out, keep them away from the family "pack", and just perceive them as materialistic things without feelings. It puzzles me, since dogs are pack animals and thrive well in a family unit. On my way shopping, I pass a home where two similar dogs are chained to their respective dog houses several feet from each other. There is always food and water for each dog, but this is basically their lives. They cannot interact with each other. They cannot play with the kids who are out playing. They just get to sit, pace, and fight boredom, day after day. The dogs are taken inside at night, then put back out the next morning.

Three of my dogs are on our bed right now. The border collie is chewing on a toy, the rough collie is sleeping, and the tiny sheltie is lapping my toes. The other 3 shelties are on the floor, encircling the bed. They have all done their chores for the day, had agility practice, gone for walks, played in the fenced yard, and now are just enjoying the pack feeling of belonging. With them around me, I feel safe, loved, and special.