Thursday, September 13, 2012

...about staying peaceful.

Staying peaceful is a difficult feat to accomplish during election years.  With all the foolishness going on between the crazy extremists on both sides, it is difficult to stay grounded somewhere in the middle. Yet, that is what I am trying with determination to do.  So what does one do to stay grounded?

For me, it is remembering to embrace nature, and remain as self sufficient as I presently can.  It also means being thankful and grateful for what is in my life and to be satisfied.  Seldom do we allow ourselves to feel we have enough, can take a rest, and just enjoy the feeling of not needing more at the moment.  That does not mean we give up our dreams and goals, but rather that we take some quiet time to just reflect on what we have attained.  I am taking the time to experience this to the fullest.

How many of us can quiet ourselves down, reach out and hug someone or something, and give our minds (and hearts) enough time to capture the whole feeling, the dear experience that sometimes enough good can be enough good for a while.  We don't have to be throwing these moments aside as quickly as we do in the quest for even a "better" good.  Enough can be rewarding enough if we give it a chance.

Study these photos and try to think of the last time you have been satisfied by what you already have within your grasp.  Are you taking enough time to fully and deeply experience thankfulness? It can bring a peace that is so overwhelmingly precious.

Take Care, Gardeningartist.