Saturday, February 11, 2012

...our strange winter weather.

We have had cold days and warm days all winter.  The snow cover just is not staying in southern Maine, so on the warm days like today, it is exactly like Spring mud season over and over.  My oak wood floors glistened beautifully two days ago and today it looks as if a football teams has trampled through here straight off the field.

 I am not sure how I feel about our climate warming up.  Whether it is caused by atmospheric pollution or is a natural occurrence of the universe, I do know it seems strange.  Nature is taking a jolt in this area and flora and fauna are confused with this "new normal".  Many of our trees and flowers need a cold blanket of snow to sleep deeply.  Without that cover, the stress is taking its toll.

Will the plants and animals that are indigenous to our area be able to hang on or will our native plants and animals change with the climate?  For example, lilacs are very happy in our zone, but in the last years, I have noticed they are blooming earlier and earlier.  Some of my forsythias have gotten so confused that a few years ago, some buds actually opened in the fall (odd to see) and again in early spring which is their normal blooming time.  Our dogs get winter coats but when we have days in the 40F-50F range in the winter in Maine, the winter coat doesn't really know whether it should stay or shed.

I have to truthfully say, I enjoy having less snow and ice to deal with but, being a gardener, also can see the negative aspects of it, too.  It will be an interesting future seeing what the world holds for us as the ice caps grow smaller and smaller and our area gets warmer and warmer.  I know that Europe has been having some terrible times dealing with too much snow, too much ice, and too much cold.  Then there are also pockets in Alaska just buried in snow.  Is this all "normal" or are we changing our world ourselves with careless emissions of manmade gasses?  I don't know but do know it is worth watching and pondering about.  Just thinking....    

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

...about my addictions.

Everyone has addictions of one sort or another.  I don't drink, I don't smoke, never done drugs, don't drink coffee, the list goes on.  But that does not mean I am at all free of addictions.  I love facebook because it has given me the opportunity to reconnect with so many wonderful people who too briefly passed through my life during my childhood, my own school days, and my teaching years.  To be able to reconnect with so many is such a unique gift I never thought would be possible.  Several years ago at Thanksgiving, we were going around the table stating what we each were thankful for and my "clever" son answered "technology".  At the time we all laughed and remarked "How deep of you!"  Now I am beginning to believe he was way ahead of us in his things to be thankful for.  Today, I can truthfully say I agree with him.  I am on my computer way too much, but it is a wonderful, rewarding addiction to have.

Another addiction is our dogs.  As heaven takes them back, we keep adopting new ones.  Since we have become dog rescuers and owners, we have received more delight and joy in our home than we could ever imagine.  From when we get up in the morning until when we finally drop off to sleep at night, our lives revolve around our dogs.  We feed them, hug them, tend their wounds, train them, take them for walks and rides, comfort them, play games with them, bathe them...the responsibilities are many.  But they love us deeply and do everything in their power to help us feel the world is a wonderful place to be a part of and how very lucky we are.  Dogs stay in the moment and only anticipate the very next moment.  Their anticipation is always filled with eagerness and joy.  Right now, five of our dogs are with Ralph at the agility building going through their paces and our other two are here with me, both having much needed quiet naps.  They appreciate all the things we too easily take for granted.

Another addiction of mine is NCIS.  That sounds so surface like, but I love the show and the interactions between the characters.  When I was a little girl, we had a neighbor who loved Perry Mason.  It was on every Sunday evening, and she would have her coffee and toast already for her once a week fix.  Her large arch-shaped living room doors would be closed from everyone, and that hour would be hers (and Mr. Mason's).  So if we were there playing with her daughter (a childhood friend), we were not allowed to bother her for that hour.  Any other time, she was always available and doted on us all.  I am sort of like this with NCIS except that it is on nearly everyday so has now almost become my background music.  It is on no matter how many times I have seen it.  Addiction?  You bet.

Of course there are addictions I am eating too much food, being too sedentary, being too concerned about health issues, yadda-yadda but I am not alone in these areas.  These are "fighting one step at a time" addictions.  Have been losing weight, getting out and about, seeing the right health gurus, and so on.  These will be pesky foes as long as I am alive, so might has well stay in the present and not get wound up about what's ahead down the road for me.

So I will play on my computer with NCIS playing in the background, hug my dogs, watch what I eat, get out and go shopping, and keep myself as healthy as possible.  And I will, as Marc is, be very thankful for