Monday, March 24, 2008

Birthdays come and birthdays go....

Yes, I am a year older, for sure, and wiser (huh?).  Had a great birthday full of laughter, good friends, and lots of fine foods.  Of course, none were really healthy choices except for the home made applesauce.  My husband is the cook in the family and created an outstanding meal.  I feel very thankful for his high quality expertise in the kitchen.  

TCM had Godspell on Easter afternoon, and having done that musical twice with our music students, it was a nice treat to hear all the selections not slashed to pieces with commercials, as is usually done on television these days.  A thumbs up to TCM for realizing the importance of flow in a movie, and understanding that hearing about medicine concerning maintaining an erection is not something needed to be heard during the Last Supper.
Thank you, TCM.
Happy Easter!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Monday, March 10, 2008

Time Change

It's that time of the year when we all reset our clocks and slip into a jet lag sort of feeling for three or four days.  Still, it is uplifting to have that extra hour of daylight in the afternoon.  I find it so annoying that society makes rules to mess with the time twice a year.  It is as if someone gets high on the power trip of being able to "control" nature, including the sleeping patterns of most every US citizen.  I love the little pockets of places in the US that refuse to adhere to this silly concept.  The Universe is set up to run smoothly, and when we don't try to change it, our bodies are healthier, and our lives flow along with less stress and angst.  

This has been a tough winter but one filled with great beauty, too.  Some of the harshest New England storms have brought us brisk days of shimmering beauty to admire as we dig our ways out of our homes, storm after storm.  It isn't all bad.

Take care,

Sunday, March 02, 2008

How a border collie problem solves:

He stares, he pounces, he tries to clutch it, he opens WIDE, and off he goes.

You know you're getting old when....

You know you are getting old when you spend an afternoon working outside in the cold and come in feeling wasted.  My husband and I do not recover from activities like this as well as we used to.

On the positive side, we got the little ramp pictured above completed a week or two ago, and finally got an outside ramp off the small deck completed today.  For Lucy, our sheltie that is slowly going blind, this makes things much easier for her.  It is worth the work to have her feeling more secure.  The dog in the photo is Sam, our little "Messy Marvin".  He said we did a pretty good job with the ramps and he gives his approval.  

Take care,