Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Uplifting Benefits of Technology

Who would have thought that I would enjoy Facebook so much?  I have run into students I taught in 1972 all the way through 1993 when I stopped teaching for health reasons.  It is so interesting seeing students interact with us that are decades apart, yet "the Voses" are the common denominator.  Some of our students are just 4 years younger than us, so they are 55-56 years old...yikes.  Others are still in their mid thirties somewhere, and every age group in between.  This is an outstanding giant moment back in time that would not have taken place without the internet and Facebook.

Another great thing is our home movies.  We are able now to transfer all those VHS tapes to digital and enjoy seeing snippets of our lives many years ago.  What fun it is to go back and relive the actual events.  Memories are wonderful but do get warped in our minds.  Visually seeing and hearing ourselves as things really were has turned out to be a much more positive adventure than one might think.  I guess I have come to appreciate all the positive aspects of all this ever-changing technology.