Wednesday, March 21, 2012

This March weather is just unbelievable.  So warm, sunny, and spring like.  All the windows in our home are open today, the dogs are having a grand time playing outside then resting inside, and both my husband and I feel somehow lighter with these refreshing temperatures.

Lexi and Toby snoozing on our bed.
We have several little blessings of which we are delightfully thankful.  First off, both of us and all our pets are presently quite healthy.  Our Lexi sheltie came through her surgery just fine and has been amusing us by now being able to come up the ramp and sleep on our bed all by herself once again after years of not being able to do so.  What a joy to have her close.  Also, we have a new family member who also enjoys sleeping next to us at night.  What a little pistol he is.  He runs like the wind, is now Lucy the BC's favorite playmate, and even like gardening with me.

Presently, my husband has 6 of our 8 dogs over at our agility building.  They love going there and learning how to handle all the different obstacles.  It is also a very positive work out for Ralph and helps to keep is aging body in shape.  Certainly, an especially fun way to stay active.

I will be 62 in two days.  The years have passed so quickly.  I can remember when I thought anyone that was in his/her sixties was super old.  Now that I am in this class, perhaps my youthful perceptions were a bit wrong.  I still seem to have plenty of life left in this body. It doesn't look young and "perky" any longer, but looks can be deceiving.

Ralph and I are certainly thrilled by much less than we used to be.  Just waking up to have another day to enjoy is very cool.  Getting moments to do things between health pretty cool.  Being able to spend all our money on our dogs is such a cool thing.  Having so many caring, interesting people in our lives is mighty cool, too.  Yes, there are more stressful times due to health now that we are getting up there in years, but all the "coolness" in our lives balances it all out.

So on this gorgeous, sunny day in southern Maine, this "cool" family is thankful.  We have another shot at making memories.

Sending joy, peace, and meaning to all that read this!
Take care,