Wednesday, January 16, 2013

....About Our Future Choices.

There becomes a time as we age when we have to pause and contemplate the end part of our lives.  We have no control over it, but choices we make today do affect the direction we take in the future.  With both of us heading towards our mid-sixties, we asked each other the question: "Is the life we are living together at present the life we wish to continue living through our retirement years?"

In our present "together" life, we have tied ourselves down with rescuing, fostering, and adopting dogs.  We stay within a number of dogs that we can just manage to afford but little is left for travel, luxuries, nice furniture, quiet time together, and all the other joys retirement will make time to enjoy.  So what do we do to be sure we have the most enjoyable life together as possible for as long as we can?

Ralph asked me, "Are you happy as things are right now?  You know that with all our dogs, we will never be doing a lot of traveling, going out to eat, having nice furniture, and even getting to socialize in enjoyable clubs and groups as many older folks do.  Is this enough for you?"

Of course, instead of answering, I asked the same question of him to which he quickly replied, "I am very happy doing exactly what we are doing and I hope to do it for just as long as we are able."  That was my answer also, but I wanted him to say it first to be very sure I was not pushing my ideas on him since I am the bossy  So I let him know that his words held the same beliefs as mine.

Within a few days of this discussion, we got a call about a sheltie who may need a home.  Nothing is set in stone at this point but the coolest part of this is that we are both on the same page in our lives and it was very easy to say that "yes, we will accept your sheltie if all works out and he fits into our household".  In two weeks we might have a new member to our family...or maybe not, but one thing I know is that Ralph and I are joyously committed to doing just what we are already doing.  There is something very comforting about that.

Take care,


Wednesday, January 09, 2013

....about the quiet blessings of winter.

The holidays are over and now we are in the long winter months minus all the bells and whistles.  This is a cherished time to catch up on all those indoor tasks and hobbies that bring me joy.  There are plenty of choices waiting for me but none of them need be done in haste but rather once the mood strikes me.  That is one of the things I like about winter.  Things tend to slow down in New England, more time is available to turn inward, and the result is the chance to get to know oneself much better.

Some of my cherished choices are reading, writing music, creating stained glass pieces, painting scratched woodwork, brushing dogs, finding new music to enjoy, meditating, enjoying comfort food, doing many crafts, enjoying time on my computer, sharing meals with friends and family, and taking time to be thankful I am well enough to appreciate each of these adventures.  The list is long and plentiful.

Of course, much time is spent being with our dogs, sharing time with my husband, and chatting with my son by phone.  Yes, the winter months are special.

Take care,