Wednesday, July 11, 2012

...about how life is humorous.

Life can really be humorous when it is not trying to be.  Or perhaps I just see "funny" where it isn't?  I don't know.  My husband and I often see things that strike us funny and start a silly banter between us that is ridiculous and pointless.  We are like little kids who laugh over knock-knock jokes that have long ago lost their intrigue.  But we cannot seem to stop ourselves.

Just today we noticed the "Welcome Back" sign over the door of Applebee's.  How quaint and sweet, except....drum roll.....Ralph and I have never been to Applebee's....cymbal crash.  So our banter begins.  How do you enter a place that has a "Welcome Back" sign if we have never been there in the first place?  Would we be proceeding in a dishonest way if we entered in under the sign and went in.  Are we always doomed never to go in so we can keep our integrity?  Should we go around to the back of the building and enter through the back the first time so we can enter legitimately?  If we walk in the front door backwards, then they WOULD be welcoming our backs first.  It amazes me that my husband and I can chatter about this for quite a while.

A few days ago, when my husband was waiting for some ice cream in Shain's, a little boy who had been playing games in the arcade room came up to the cashier and asked if he could have his tips back that he had put in the tip jar earlier.  The waitresses were taken aback, of course, and really didn't know what to say.  It was doubtful that the child even understood what the tip jar was all about.  When the boy looked up at my husband (who shrugged and said softly "I don't think we are allowed to take money back out of the tip jar") the boy just shrugged back, copying my husband's body language and went back into the arcade area.  It was so funny and cute.  We love situations that happen naturally like that.

In the dollar store today, my husband came upon a "3-fer" product in the shampoo aisle.  No it was not a three for a dollar product.  It was a product that does 3 things.  My husband seldom gets excited about shopping but this was the find of the century, as far as he was concerned.  It is called "White Rain for Men 3 in 1 Cool Ocean Wave Shampoo Conditioner Body Wash".  He exclaimed happily, "Look!  With this I can just squirt it all over me in the shower and it will take care of everything at once."  Well, as most of you know, the shampoo section usually has a few women hanging around deciding what shampoo they want, so there was plenty of laughter suddenly coming out of that section in the store.  Any of you that know my husband are aware he does have a shy side, but also has an unusually humorous side and he made a few older ladies very happy for a few moments today in the dollar store.

So these are brief, happy moments out of our lives.  Life is a happy event if we take the time to pay attention.  Hope you smiled....if just a little.

Take care,