Thursday, February 14, 2008

What a difference.....

What a difference a day makes.  Today we had bright sunshine all day, and with our passive solar airtight little home, used no fuel except for the sun's heat.  Being in a cold wintery climate, a day with no heating bills is a pleasant gift.  This afternoon, while many folks are burning oil, we were so warm we actually had to open the door for ten minutes to let some of the heat out.  It got up to 35 degrees outside, but inside we were close to 80 degrees.  No solar panels, no equipment.  By just building our home facing south, into the side of a small hill, only one small window on the north side, and huge windows on the south side, 6 inch insulated walls, and a well insulated attic, we stay very warm on sunny days. We use our wood stove on other days, and at night.  3 cords of hardwood is all we need.  When the power goes off, we are still warm.  Just imagine how much less oil, gas, and electricity the country would use if every home was built with these specifications?  Wow.  A positive thought to ponder.

Hope you all are comfortable wherever you are.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Snow and Ice Day

We are having a pretty tough winter this year, but one of the nice things is my husband gets a day off and we get to enjoy the day together.  The freezing rain makes travel difficult, so it is just smarter and more enjoyable to stay in our little home, enjoy the toasty wood fire, and enjoy the moment.  Thankfully, we have not lost our power, so can snuggle in, watch some movies, and enjoy our dogs.

Poor Sam, our little male "messy Marvin" sheltie had a seizure the other evening, his 3rd in three years, so we had to rush down to visit the emergency vet in Portsmouth, NH.  Thankfully, an IV with Diazepam works quickly, and on the way home, he was just fine.  Still, it seems a terribly long ride to the emergency center when my little boy is in distress.  Our regular vet has now given us some Diazepam pills so we can treat him immediately and cut down on the time he has to be in distress.  I am just very thankful he is okay, and thank God we are able to still hug him and care for him.  Our dogs are so important to us.

With the bad weather, my husband is having an open agility practice this evening.  A few dogs and handlers have an agility event this weekend, and need to have a chance to work with the equipment, especially since bad weather cancelled last week's classes.  Presently, the weather is all rain, without any icy mix, so some handlers will certainly want to take advantage of the free practice time, while others will feel more comfortable not having to brave the weather.  Thank Goodness we have a nice large building for all to use.  Our students say their dogs really perk up when their owners turn their vehicles into our driveway and up the long steep driveway.  The dogs know they are going to have lots of fun, and get some much needed exercise.

Time to snuggle in and enjoy this unplanned gift of all being together.  May you all stay safe and happy.

Take care,