Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Clouds can motivate one's imagination.

One of my friends posted a beautiful photo including very interesting clouds on her blog.  Clouds are wonderful examples of light and dark shading in art. Sometimes they just seem to become actual recognizable forms in our interpretations, as this shows.

Here was her original photo, followed by what I interpreted and highlighted.

Spring has sprung!

Thank Goodness that spring is finally springing forth.  It is a bit late this year because of the massive snow cover we had.  It is so uplifting to see all the colorful blooms changing the bleak landscape.

All the dogs are well, full of energy, and having a blast chasing each other on the cooler days.  Since all of our dogs have very long hair, summer is definitely not their favorite season, but spring and fall are ideal times for long haired herding dogs.  

Here are some photos of our spring blooming bushes and trees:

Hope everyone has a great spring in the northern hemisphere.