Thursday, July 07, 2011

Presently in my stained glass phase of life.

On a journey of fulfilling one of my "bucket list" endeavors of working in stained glass. Have found a good teacher who taught me the proper techniques, have now completed two pieces and am presently working on a 3rd. Not ready to cross this off the list yet, though.

Long time away from here.....

Wow, time passes too quickly. Toss in a little laziness, and soon it is two years since blogging. I figure it is time to check in, at least. There have been many changes in our lives, but many things have also stayed the same. We moved closer to civilization but still own our house in the woods, too. We still have a pack of dogs, but a few of the faces have changed. We still have our parakeets, but have lost a few from old age and gained several to replace them. Ralph has officially retired but is still working half time at his same job. I still stay home with the dogs and care for the house but it is just a different house. Our son still resides on the other side of the world but makes it home to Maine every now and then so we can remember who he is. Our home has occasions it is loaded with people and other stretches of time it is very quiet. I still have my battles with anxiety, but also have times of peace. Basically, life just moves forward, ever changing but also remaining the same. It is like the great mandala, one of my favorite Peter, Paul, and Mary songs.