Friday, May 11, 2012

...about making lemonade when life gives lemons.

The huge moon!
This has been an unpredictable week, not that any future moment is 100% predictable, but this week has been extraordinarily odd.  For several weeks, my husband and I have been excitedly looking forward to a rare visit from our son.  We cherish these moments with him so dearly and they seem to pass much too quickly.

Our Son

When our son arrived this past Sunday evening, it was clear he was not feeling well. He had arrived with a bad cold and just not feeling up to par.  Ralph and I tried to coax him into going out and capturing some photos of the huge moon but he was just too ill and tired.

At Emergency Vet
We all turned in around 11 PM, and that was when we discovered that one of our old shelties had a large bleeding sore on her leg.  Not knowing what to do, my husband and I took her to the emergency vet in Portsmouth, NH.  It ended up being a sort of bed sore caused by sleeping on the hard floor.  Lexi has many soft beds to sleep on, but being a cold weather dog, she always chooses the cold wooden floor.  Anyway, her leg was a mess so it took a while to get it all bandaged using a doughnut sort of shape so she could not put pressure on the wound.  By 3 AM we were back home and finally got to rest.

Monday and Tuesday went very well.  Marc rested a lot, we had supper with friends on Tuesday, Lexi went to a couple of vet visits, I had some acupuncture.  All seemed to be going along quite well.  Then Tuesday night, I got my son's cold, so now two people and one dog were ill.  By Thursday night, Ralph was added to the list.  Today, (Friday), our son is beginning to see the end of the worst part of his cold, I am in the middle of mine, and Ralph is at the beginning of his.  Lexi needs lots of care, but her leg is slowly healing.

When one thinks of our son visiting and all the ways we could have spent it, this is definitely a time when we have to settle just making lemonade when life gives us lemons.  We have all stayed in fairly good moods, taken good care of one another, and taken good care of all our dear dogs, too.  We have gone nowhere, and done nothing, but sometimes, just making lemonade is the best we can do.

We are warm, we are all safe, we have a roof over our heads, we share a lot of love and humor, and are just waiting for our colds to take a hike.  They will eventually.  My husband's birthday, Mother's Day, and our son's birthday will all be honored in the next days, no matter if we party or just quietly support one another quietly through these special days.  It really doesn't matter.  What matters is that we are all together and share a bond of caring.  It can't get any better than that.  We are a family and that is what truly counts.

Take care,

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